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To Sit or Not to Sit? That is the Question...

We’re often asked to help a winery set up their tasting room and guest experiences or we are asked to evaluate the tasting room setup to determine if it is detracting from or contributing to a great guest experience. As more wineries pop up across the U.S., winery owners realize that they must set themselves apart to attract qualified guests.
The question we hear most frequently is “should we offer seating or seated tastings?” And it’s a good question because we all like to be comfortable when we enjoy wine… right?

Mystery Tasting Doesn't Have to be Spooky!

You may have heard your winery peers talking about mystery tasting or mystery shopping – wineries are using mystery tasting services regularly to see how their guests are being treated in the tasting room.

You can ask friends and family to provide you with feedback about their experience or you can engage a mystery tasting service. Either way, here are some tips for making mystery tasting a good experience for the winery and for the winery team.

Three Key Metrics for Wine Club

What is measured gets managed! Once your club is in place, you’re going to need a way to measure results. If you want to benchmark your performance against your winery peers, VingDirect can help.

Here are 3 metrics you need to measure on a monthly basis:

Wine Club Structure

At VingDirect we’re often asked to assess a wineries club structure to see if it can be improved. We have led many wineries through club restructures and the result has been increased revenue and decreased attrition.

If we were granted three wishes, what would we wish wineries would consider when creating their club structure?

To Be or Not to Be...

Some wineries question whether they want a wine club. They are concerned about the consumer’s perception of a wine club. Whether you decide to call it a club, a society, or a membership, there’s no doubt that building a structure for reoccurring shipments offers many benefits.
Here are just a few:
• Build your customer database – clubs are the best way to build your direct to consumer database. Your team captures all contact information including email address, shipping address and telephone number. Armed with this information you can build future incremental revenue.

Surprise & Delight Part Two

I shared my Enterprise story with you in Part One of Surprise and Delight. When guests are asked what makes for a luxury experience they often say that they were surprised… in a delightful way!
What does it take to surprise and delight you? Think about the last time you were pleasantly surprised. At the heart of that experience was someone who took the time to listen, really listen to you. They listened for that one thing you needed and then, when you least expected it, they delivered it.

Surprise & Delight Part One

Have I told you my Enterprise story? Enterprise, as in the car rental company. No? Okay, here goes.

I’ve traveled a lot over the span of my career and there’s one part of the business travel experience that I especially dreaded – renting a car at my final destination. It was always my goal (and I succeeded) to build up enough points to achieve frequent driver status and bypass the rental counter altogether.

Push the Reset Button!

When in Doubt… Throw it Out!
The New Year is here and immediately we all focus on our new goals and how we are going to achieve them! If you’re like me, you might be organizing and cleaning your closets, purging your home of all those items you thought you desperately needed and now find that you didn’t touch last year (or the year before).

Club Member Retention - A Great Investment

Sustaining club member relationships is much like cultivating a healthy, happy marriage. Think about it…. we go to great lengths to be our very best when we’re courting and when we finally hear that “YES” we are so excited. But, how do we keep the romance alive after we’re married? How do we communicate, solve disagreements and what happens when we think everything is fine only to learn that our partner is leaving and there’s nothing we can do?

Calling All Tasting Room Team!

Have you ever participated in a tasting room sales training in the wine industry? If so, then you will have probably been asked to introduce yourself and talk a bit about your responsibilities at the winery. Most often, here’s what I hear from our tasting room team students….”I just work in the tasting room”. There’s a feeling among the team that their role, their job isn’t very important. From the Direct to Consumer perspective, nothing could be further from the truth and here’s why:

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