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Vine Notes: Data dispel wine direct-sales myths, Part 1

What we expose in this the first of two articles is the truth behind what is really driving direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, specifically sales made with direct customer interactions over the telephone.

VinoPro has compiled data from more than $8 million worth of direct-to-consumer sales made for its strategic partners from Jan 1--Dec. 31, 2012. This is data based on real sales that occurred from actual interactions with customers and sales made over the telephone. Some of this data is surprising, because it contradicts much of what you have heard over and over.

To Sit or Not to Sit? That is the Question...

We’re often asked to help a winery set up their tasting room and guest experiences or we are asked to evaluate the tasting room setup to determine if it is detracting from or contributing to a great guest experience. As more wineries pop up across the U.S., winery owners realize that they must set themselves apart to attract qualified guests.

The question we hear most frequently is “should we offer seating or seated tastings?” And it’s a good question because we all like to be comfortable when we enjoy wine… right?

So, how do you know if seated tastings are right for your winery?

Visiting Wineries is All About the Experience

Written by Jeff Cope

Everybody who comes out of a winery either has had a good or bad experience. The experience the customer has will determine if they come back to that winery and what they tell their friends about the winery. Customers can sometimes be responsible for their own experience, but often the winery is in control of the experience, so there are certain things that can be done to provide a good experience.

Set the Stage For a Successful Season!

It’s that time again…. the curtain is about to rise on another busy summer season. Wine lovers are planning their summer trips and winery destinations are top of the list!

Will you be ready for your curtain call? Are all your roles filled, the right actors in place and the stage set for a successful season?

Are You Buying or Selling?

How do you view your direct to consumer business? Are you in the business of buying loyal customers or selling wine? The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but the truth is that most wineries are more focused on selling a bottle of wine and less focused on capturing customer data.

If you aren’t capturing customer data you’ve just lost a huge opportunity to build a future relationship with your customer and you’ve also lost the potential for future revenue.

New Year, New Goals!

It’s that time again. According to Statistic Brain, 45% of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions and only 46% of us will still be focused on those resolutions after 6 months. And to make matters worse, only 14% of those over 50 will achieve their annual goal, as compared to 39% of those in their twenties.

Are Wine Industry Events a Good Investment?

It’s that time of the year. Most wineries are considering their 2015 calendar and one of the biggest decisions will be whether to participate in industry events.

We are often asked whether wine industry events are a good investment. We’re referring to the events sponsored by local wine associations, winegrowers associations, etc….

Most of our winery clients have participated in industry events and most were underwhelmed with the results. Not all visitors have the same objective and we’ve seen that there are at least three prevalent guest segments…

Election Day, Every Day: Win Your Customers' Vote by Keeping Choices Simple

As you leave the local elementary school sporting the “I Voted!” sticker, consider how easy or complicated the process was for you. Were there complicated and poorly written initiatives? A uninspiring line-up of candidates? A confusing ballot card or, God forbid, hanging chads?

Your customers vote every time they visit you online. They vote whether to click through. They vote whether to add to cart and they vote whether to confirm purchase. Simplifying their choices eliminates stress, lifts conversion rates, and creates a greater likelihood for repeat purchase.

How Much Should Wine Tastings Cost?

I have visited a lot of Texas wineries. Okay, really a lot. The one thing I have learned during my travels is every winery is different as to how much a wine tasting costs, how many wines are offered to taste, and if there is any food offered. I have had new wineries even ask me how much they should charge and how the tastings should be offered.

Make the Call!

Time for a 4th quarter quiz…
Which direct to consumer channel has the highest order rate?
If you want to get the highest percentage of orders, how should you contact your club members and best buyers?

You might be surprised to learn that outbound phone calls yield the highest order response rate – the average is 30%, and we’ve seen order rates as high as 50%! Remember, order response is measured by dividing the number of orders by the number of customers you reach by phone.

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